Top 7 you won’t risk wearing!

“It’s crazy!” – That’s what you are supposed to exclaim, looking at these, probably the weirdest bras ever. What was in mind of designers who created these crazy, yet creative pieces? Well, we’ll never know, so let’s take a closer look:

Hand palm bra

How about golden palms wrapped around the busts? Cups in a shape of palms are supported by the halter neck straps.

Goldfish bra

Two water tanks with goldfishes instead of cups. Obviously, there is not supportive function or any other features of a regular bra. This “bra” was made with the entertaining purpose for cool water pool parties.

Light up bra

This type of a bra is actually a wearable one and designed for those crazy raves, open air disco parties, and night clubs performances. It’s simply impossible to stay unnoticed in this bright glowing luminescent brassiere.

Angry Birds and Pokémon bra

Shout out to all the fans out there!
Those, in fact, are regular bras, printed with a legendary Angry Birds game’s heroes and with the Pikachu Pokémon image. It’s great for fun and thematic events to attract the maximum of attention.

A Jury Bra

Inspired by the Lady Justice image, this Jury Bra courtesy of the Triumph is designed in a shape of the scale of justice. Someone would definitely win the case wearing these cups, don’t you think?

Disco balls

A bra for an ultimate attention drawing. Two “disco balls” instead of cups are covered with tiny pieces of a mirror to let you outshine everyone on the dancing floor.

Marriage Hunting Bra

It’s another Japanese craziness embodied in this bra structure which includes a kind of a bustier with a countdown clock counting minutes and hours till the wedding moment. The only plausible purpose of this bra is to frighten the hell out of a groom so he’ll run away from the bride to never look at this bra again. We don’t have any other explanation.

Chocolate cakes bra

Well, that’s a literally sweet thing – two chocolate cakes decorated with creamy elements and iconic cherries on the tops. “Try me”, says the owner of the bra, - and you’ll experience either the sweetest sensations or… a diabetes. Your choice?

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